The temple is open to the devotees right from 5:00am to 12:00pm. The Mahanivedana is performed at 12:30pm. And again the devotees can have the darsanam of the diety from 12:45pm. To 8:00pm with a break from 6:00pm to 6:30pm for aradhana. Drinking water is provided on the premises of the temple. There is a spacious choultry and there are several cottages to accommodate the devotees. Those who wish to prepare food of their own can do so and necessary accommodation to such devotees is also provided at the request of the devotees. Prasadam will be distributed free of cost both in the morning and in the evening. Those who wish to take prasadams to their homes can purchase and do so.
  • Cottage
- Rs 200/- per day
  • Kalyanamandapam
- Rs 1500/-(ground floor)
  • Kalyanamandapam
- Rs 1500/- (1st floor)
  •   Sri Anagha devi complex
- Rs 200/-
  • Sri Pothuraju complex
- Rs 150/-
  • Sri Kakatamba complex
- Rs200/-